Waving on a church banner in Syria many years ago, was the question, ‘Are you Alive?’ This question made no sense to nine-year-old Ahmed. 

Decades later however, Ahmed no longer thinks the question is nonsensical because, for the first time ever, he is experiencing God’s love; a love that is helping him feel alive.

In May 2020, we filmed two gospel presentation videos with Syrian dialect to reach Syrians living in Turkey. Ahmed, a 31-year-old Syrian man living in Istanbul, responded.

His first digital message to us read, ‘I want to know more because I’ve never read the Bible before. Do you mean to tell me that Jesus is God?’ 

We’ve been conversing with Ahmed for over 40 days now and he’s also been connected with our offline missionary in Istanbul.

In this time Ahmed started reading the Bible and recently told us that, since asking for forgiveness, he’s been able to feel the love of Jesus.

Ahmed’s most recent message to us made us all thank God for the connection opportunities we are blessed with at here at CV.

‘Now that I know Jesus and have given him my life, I will learn my Bible until I know it by heart.’


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