Message from the Director

In a culture that has been heavily shaped by Christian influences, our biggest opportunity for impact is to equip existing believers to tell people about their faith. Within the digital realm, our most influential and longest running project, CVCLAVOZ, continues to impact lives daily through a multi-platform approach that includes radio, satellite, live video, interactive audio programming and social media engagement, as well as ministry and influencer partnerships. In addition, we also run yesHEis and CV Outreach web-based projects. On the ground, we equip hundreds of pioneers to build the Church in crisis-torn Venezuela. We are all about the people that we reach and support, and we work hard to create content that is engaging and relevant to our region.

Juan Mark Gallardo


Key projects

CVCLAVOZ creates and distributes Christian lifestyle content across Latin America using both audio and visual programming through a multi-platform ecosystem that includes radio, satellite, the internet and social media.
yesHEis produces relevant and engaging blog and video content to help Christians be effective at personal evangelism.
A free program helping churches connect with their communities using today’s most effective digital tools.
An system of empowering mission workers (pioneers) to build self-sustaining churches through indigenous evangelism and discipleship.

Latin America

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15175 Eagle Nest Ln, Miami Lakes, FL 33014, USA
+1 305 231 7704



Marketing Specialist

O(a) Especialista de Marketing trabalhará com o(a) Gerente de Marketing e a equipe global da CV. Ele(a) será responsável pelo gerenciamento das mídias sociais dos projetos

Content Specialist

O(a) Especialista de Conteúdo trabalha com o(a) Gerente de Conteúdo e a equipe global da CV, e é responsável por auxiliar na criação e produção

Marketing Manager

O(a) Gerente de Marketing trabalhará com o Diretor Nacional e a equipe global da CV para assegurar que as funções de Marketing estão operando efetivamente