We use effective media platforms to engage people with the Gospel in the world’s major languages.


yesHEis equips young adult Christians to confidently share Jesus with anyone in their world.

Recognising that many find sharing their faith difficult, yesHEis provides Christians with shareable evangelistic videos and training content to inspire, stretch and challenge them along their faith sharing journey.

Fellow is a website designed to reach those in Eastern European countries who don’t know God, and create opportunities for people who are exploring faith to connect with our online volunteers.
CV Prayer is a network of prayer partners across the globe who pray for CV teams as we work to effectively share the message of Jesus. CV Prayer Live is an extension of this network, which involves a powerful weekly prayer session via Facebook Live and unifies prayer partners across several geographical boundaries. CV Prayer Live also has a strong evangelistic component, with many people logging in to request prayer for various situations.
CVCLAVOZ raises a banner for the Christian message across the Spanish-speaking world. It aims to introduce people to the message of Jesus, and mobilise Christians to share their faith, through interactive, presenter-led content that is high on social media engagement and delivered through online platforms and traditional radio. CVCLAVOZ is the largest multi-platform content provider in the Christian Hispanic world, working closely with affiliate radio stations to further CV’s evangelistic goals.
Radio Christian Voice raises a banner for the Christian message in Zambia through FM broadcasting. It aims to reach people through programming that is up to date and relevant to them. The openly Christian station is a leader in providing high-quality, contemporary programming for news, health, the economy, fashion, music and current market trends. The station works closely with the Christian community to influence Zambian culture for Christ, placing an emphasis on evangelism and discipleship throughout its content offering.


With roughly 90% of internet traffic on the African continent being generated from mobile devices, social media is seeing high rates of adoption, despite the low socio-economic status of many Africans. 1Africa aims to reach Africans with the message of Jesus on these platforms. We produce content that not only speaks to the distinct spiritual needs of our audience, but conveys the good news in a native tone and language that is easily relatable.


Sharek Online exists to equip the Christian church in the Middle East with Gospel resources that not only speaks to the distinct spiritual needs of the audience, but counters the negative messages of hatred, violence and death with a Christian worldview of love, acceptance and forgiveness in Jesus Christ.


Sawt exists to address topics and questions from an apologetics point of view in order to engage with Arab Middle Eastern atheists, agnostics and thinkers with the Christian faith. Christianity is presented as logical and intellectually sound, and content aims to answer tough questions in a logical and reasoned way to introduce people from Arabic speaking nations to the message, mission and person of Jesus Christ.