A Tense but Blessed Month of May: Impact Venezuela

“The Lord is good, a refuge in times of trouble. He cares for those who trust in him.Nahum 1: 7

May was a tense month in Venezuela, mainly because of the presidential elections. Maduro’s “suspicious” victory provoked not only a strong revolt from the majority of the population but also from many critics from the international community.

It was an election marked largely by both a lack of respect for democratic principles and by abstention. The idea was simple: by not going to the polls, the international community would do something in favour for Venezuela.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t much the case.

Maduro’s “victory” only furthers the political crisis in the country, provoking an exodus of a million and a half Venezuelans. Among those who left the country are many doctors and teachers, further aggravating the country’s dire struggles, including increases in violence, hunger and deaths. The country is currently on a downward spiral.

Part of the population still believes in this demagogue of a government that plays with the hope of the people. We do our part, and continue to place our hope in Christ and spread His word. The people need to know the truth. The people need to know where power truly lies and that they are saved through Christ.

The was a lot of hard work that needed to be done, both physically and spiritually. Through baptisms, prayer vigils and other methods, lives have been renewed, hope has been restored and people have been provided strength both spiritually and emotionally. Through rigorous street evangelism, we ‘ve seen many lives reached, healed, and freed by God. Many of those below the poverty line have also been grateful for our other activities such as distributing soup, clothes and other essentials.

We saw Mother’s Day as another opportunity from God. We made several programs for women with the specific purpose of drawing their attention away from the strenuous situations they ‘re currently living through and pointing them towards Christ. Through such preaching, many surrendered their lives to Jesus. Praise God!

In addition to all of that, we also prayed specifically for persecuted churches and have visited multiple pioneers. God is definitely doing something in this country amidst all this chaos.

Lastly, we are overjoyed by our opening of another church this month, our ninth! God truly is powerful and His fidelity lasts forever. This was another very blessed month, and again, God is definitely doing something amidst all this chaos. Hallelujah!

Please pray for the people of Venezuela. Please pray that God’s will be done and His peace which surpasses all understanding be upon everyone and that they may seek Him in this time of need. Please pray for our team to have wisdom and empathy.


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