A Seed of Hope : Ukraine

???Why is God silent???? is one of those frequent questions many people ask on a daily basis. This question also bothered a young lady who wrote us a message in attempt to figure her life out. Being only 17 years old she has gone through a terrible life experience. Her father killed her mother right in front of her eyes when she was 5 years old and was put to jail for 7 years. His little girl had to spend her young life in an orphanage. She grew up hating him with her whole heart. Being divided from her parents she didn???t have a chance to learn how to choose the right path.

No wonder her interests were various suicide communities in social media. Our volunteer reached out to her and told her about Jesus. The young woman had never said a prayer in her life, or never confessed her sins to God. She simply never knew there was another way. After the correspondence with the volunteer, after a prayer which he sent her, positive changes started to happen in her life. She started with baby steps; removed bad information from her social media profile and she even shared a yesHEis video on her personal page! The work in her heart continues, but it???s such an obvious seed of hope that only God can plant!


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