A Path to Salvation

Luis* reached out to our Latin America team via yesHEis. He shared with our team that he was struggling and confused, and worried that God did not accept him. Soraida from our response team spent time online with Luis telling him about the love, grace and mercy of God. She presented Luis with a path to salvation and invited him to pray to receive Jesus in his heart.

Luis wrote to us saying: “Thank you. I have prayed from the depths of my heart … the prayer brought healing to my life …”. Some time later, after reading more spiritual literature and connecting further with our team, Luis wrote again and said: ” Thank you, now I am focusing on the biblical reading and the first steps …”. 

We pray that Luis will continue to grow in his relationship with God, and we celebrate that he is already connected with yesHEis and therefore perfectly positioned to share his new faith.


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