‘I lost the one I loved’ is a short film created by our CV North America team. The film’s purpose is to help people who’ve lost a loved one and are struggling. It reminds us that ‘there is hope and you are not alone’.  Watch here.

On a monthly basis in the U.S. and Canada, over 74,000 people Google ‘anger management’, and almost 15,000 search for answers relating to ‘anger issues’. Given such high search traffic for this issue, CV North America created a video that focuses on this topic, to reach people who are struggling with anger and longing for […]

CV Outreach connects online explorers, many of whom are struggling or searching for answers, to local churches. This is just one story of a troubled family transformed after being connected to a CV Outreach church partner: Having arrived at a CV Outreach landing page about marriage in early December 2018, a young woman reached out […]

One man, desperate to save his marriage, was connected to Saddleback Church through CV Outreach. The man googled in search of support, and found a CV Outreach ad that led him here: gospel.saddleback.com He sent the following email to Saddleback: “I am not a member of your church, but I’m desperate for help. Unfortunately, in […]