Late last year, our CVCLAVOZ yesHEis team attended the worship night of the Australian Christian music band, Hillsong United, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The event was attended by thousands of people and our staff handed out yesHEis promotional merchandise to attendees and band members. Team members Fabio Criales and Yiyi Zapata went on stage with […]

Our CV Latin America team created this video for yesHEis, in conjunction with Celebrate Recovery. Celebrate Recovery is a Christ-centered, 12 step recovery programme that helps people to address and overcome addictions and compulsive behaviours and to heal from trauma. The video is narrated by a pastor who candidly shares his personal struggle with pornography and […]

Venezuela continues to experience economic crisis in the form of high inflation, a devalued currency and extreme rationing of gasoline. The impact of this is felt by all in Venezuela, including our NPIs. Pastor Davi has raised concerns about an increase in witchcraft, evil sources and other anti-Christian practices throughout Venezuela. He and his pioneers […]

The Alliance of Christian Communicators (ACC) is a non-profit organisation dedicated to media training for Mexico’s Christian communicators. For over sixteen years, the alliance has united and mentored members of Mexico’s Christian communication industry.  Due to the common goals of ACC and CVCLAVOZ, the two have partnered in a strategic alliance to champion and advance […]

The challenges and unrest in Venezuela continue, but we continue to see God’s work and miracles everyday. In September alone, we opened three new churches in Venezuela. Hallelujah! The construction of these churches in this time of crisis has given people hope and reminded us that God is always with us. In October we will […]

Emel from Colombia contacted our yesHEis team in Latin America expressing his desire to get closer to God. He also shared with them that he was struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. Our team responded with messages of help and hope and asked Emel if he attended church. He said that he occasionally went to the […]

1 Billion for Jesus (1BPJ) is a mass movement that calls on the churches of Mexico to come together, regardless of their particular Christian affiliations, and take to the streets of the nation to share and celebrate the Gospel. On June 28th, as part of 1BPJ, approximately 25,000 people went to Mexican hospitals, jails, malls […]

Camila*, a listener of CVCLAVOZ, wrote to us saying that she felt desperate because she could not find a way out of the problems she was facing in every area of her life. She listened to a CVCLAVOZ radio program and contacted Ruth from our response team. After hearing Camila’s story, Ruth encouraged her to […]

The CVCLAVOZ Workshop for Communicators took place in Bogota, Colombia on March 29th and 30th, and included over 50 communicators from the city and other regions. Ten years ago in Bogota, CVCLAVOZ started these conferences that offer training to professionals, technicians, students and people interested in new communication skills. This year, the CVCLAVOZ team gave […]