Iryna is a young Ukranian woman who was born with various disabilities and orphaned as an infant. Iryna grew up in an orphanage and only left in 2014 when, as a young adult, she moved to Orlovskoye, a town in Eastern Ukraine and the site of major military actions just two years later. Being an […]

One day a man came to a tent that belonged to the ministry of the NPI pioneers in Eastern Ukraine. He asked if they baptise children, according to the Orthodox tradition. The man had heard about Jesus when he was in jail and he had already asked Jesus for forgiveness. Following this first visit to […]

In March 2018, in the middle of the night, our online volunteers received a message. A young woman was begging for help saying: “I have a drug addiction. I have two little daughters, who will most probably be taken from me. I have no place to live, no work and I don’t want to live […]

Ivan* was abandoned by his mother when he was 9 months old. She was an immigrant in Turkey, trying to shape her own destiny. She was heavy laden and so she sent her son to his grandma who was already taking care of Ivan’s older brother. Ivan didn’t see his mum for 12 years and […]