Des milliers de personnes entendent parler de Jésus sur l’île de Madagascar grâce à l’Initiative des Pionniers Nationaux (NPI en anglais)! Depuis que nous avons envoyé notre premier groupe de pionniers NPI en février 2017, l’NPI de Madagascar a progressé à pas de géant. Avec 24 missionnaires locaux travaillant dans le sud-ouest aride de l’île, […]

Have you ever struggled to fall asleep at night? Have you ever caught yourself scrolling through social media sites searching for answers to the problems that keep you awake? One of the most powerful aspects of digital media is the ability to target specific groups of people in specific circumstances with tailored pieces of evangelistic […]

CV’s 1Africa platform was recently given an exciting update – but this involves much more than just a lick of new paint. Given challenges around data cost and connection speeds in some parts of Africa, this platform remains an important avenue for us to share the Good News about Jesus in text format with people […]

Thousands of people are being introduced to Jesus on the island of Madagascar, through the National Pioneer’s Initiative (NPI)! With 24 local missionaries working across the arid south-west of the island, we have seen tens of thousands of people in some of the most remote places introduced to Jesus. Recently, we were able to train and release another 15 individuals. This new group of pioneers enables us to reach the unreached, by extending our activities to the far south of the island into an area that hasn’t previously been well covered by missionary activity.

Mrs Lin* is an unbeliever who has a lot of difficulties in her life and in her family as well. Being uneducated, she earns her family’s survival by washing clothes and serving other households in whatever they need. She wanted her children to be educated (one of her daughters has a matriculation exam this year) […]