Did you know that over 12 thousand people a month type “self worth” into the Google search bar? In our society’s quest for perfection and worthiness, it’s no wonder that so many of us question God and ask why he didn’t make us cuter, smarter, happier, richer, taller…. Born with a large cancerous birthmark, Lindsey […]

Lou Torres, one of our featured writers for CVCLAVOZ, wrote this moving blog about an impactful encounter that she had with a young girl whilst working as a translator. Her blog reminds us of God’s greatness and love, and reminds us to examine who Jesus is to us. This blog has been translated from Spanish. […]

Isa, a Muslim man who had come to accept Jesus as his saviour, contacted our CV Middle East team via SAWT Online. Isa expressed his desire to join a church or a discipleship group, so that he could be a more effective Christian and better know Jesus. To protect his privacy and security, our team […]