7 Days With Jesus Campaign : China

Our CV China Easter campaign was our April highlight. The campaign “Exciting 7 Days With Jesus” aimed to help people find the true meaning of Easter.

The videos we created were entirely focused on Jesus, sharing what he taught when he walked this earth 2000 years ago, and prompting viewers to think about how we can reflect those teachings today. We also included a chat option that encouraged viewers to ask questions after they ‘d watched the videos.

For the last day of the campaign, we added 3 interactive links for 3 different people groups (people who wanted to know more about Jesus, people who wanted to have a better relationship with Jesus, and people who wanted to ask Jesus for help). When they clicked on their link, they were directed to a specific page that would lead them to a prayer corresponding to their group.

Our Easter campaign reached 191,364 people in total, with over 6k shares, and 38 responders with questions about Christianity. We have been so encouraged by the impact this campaign has had on so many people.


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