CV is experiencing exponential growth as we reach more people with the gospel than ever before! On April 29, 2020, 10 million people were in just one day, given the opportunity to hear the gospel message through various CV activities.  And, just over 23 million people were introduced to Jesus while viewing one of CV’s […]


When circumstances generate within us fear, worry and panic we tend to question everything. We might even find ourselves asking where we should be placing our hope. Here at yesHEis we believe that Jesus is our hope so in collaboration with Creator for Next Gen and Insight Unlimited, we created a song through which we […]

From Instagram to Church

While Instagram might be the forum for fake smiles and perfect poses, it’s also proving to be a touchpoint for people trying to navigate the deepest wells of vulnerability. Zola* reached out to us via Instagram in a truly desperate situation. Battling depression, shame from an abusive childhood and the torment of an abusive marriage, […]


We feel happy, we feel sad. We feel angry, we feel calm. We feel optimistic, we feel pessimistic. Feelings are a rudderless ship in a turbulent sea that can change with life’s everyday circumstance. Of course, it’s great when we have good feelings and horrible when we have bad ones; but we cannot rely on […]