Sharing Jesus

In this video testimony from the Philippines, Jonah Kristina shares about how she uses the yesHEis app to spread the message of Jesus with her friends. Jonah’s story is a powerful reminder about the importance of sharing the gospel and how apps like yesHEis make this easier.  Feeling anxious or unsure about sharing the message […]

yesHEis Africa

CV Africa Community Manager, Nick Parker, recently returned from a trip to Ethiopia where he introduced the yesHEis app to a number of Ethiopian churches, leaders and youth ministries. Since Nick’s return, the app has grown to over 4,600 monthly active users! The translation of the yesHEis into Amharic, Ethiopia’s official national language spoken by […]

Are You Skipping Over the Holy Spirit?

The Australian yesHEis team recently published a thought-provoking article on the Medium website that encourages us to look at our relationship with God.  As the article states: ‘We need the Holy Spirit as we share Jesus like we need air in our lungs to make our words have any volume. Have you forgotten this? Are […]

Inner Peace

We live in turbulent times. Every time we watch the news on TV or read the newspapers, we are bombarded with bad news. Bad news about crime and violence. Bad news about the political situation. Bad news about the economy, health, education and so many other things. Yes, there is the occasional good news, but […]