2020 Vision

As we welcomed in 2020, I found myself thinking about 20/20 vision. I used to have cataracts which gradually caused my vision to deteriorate over many years. It’s not something that you immediately notice as it is so gradual. My reduced vision meant that I had to give up golf because after I hit the ball I could never see where it went (which was invariably in the wrong place anyway!). One day I had an operation and my vision was restored to 20/20. Unfortunately my golf score has never recovered!

The point I am making is that when we first become Christians, we have a heart full of gratitude, a love for God and a clear desire to serve him. But gradually over the years our vision gets cloudy, life presses in on every side and the cares of this world can crowd out the claims of the Gospel in and on our lives.

The blind cannot see and those with a clouded vision are impaired in their sight. We need to have the spiritual cataracts removed so that we can see clearly. The message of the Gospel has never been more needed than it is today in our troubled world.

Let us make 2020 the year of 20/20 vision. Let us find clarity of vision for our individual purpose and for CV’s purpose of ‘Touching a Billion’ with the message of Jesus.


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