Prisoner to Pioneer

When our Myanmar national pioneers first met Zin, he was homeless, jobless and living on the streets. One of the pioneers, Tin, spent time getting to know Zin and his story. Tin was amazed to discover that Zin spoke five languages (Burmese, English, Hindi, Thai and Chinese) and that he had spent 13 years in […]

Talking about Transition

By their very nature, projects are meant to start and finish. Our CV Impact a Nation projects and National Pioneers Initiatives (NPI) are no exception, designed to produce spiritual transformation at times and in areas of particular opportunity. Often these times of special opportunity are not immediately obvious, because of the crises or conflicts associated […]

Pastor: My Struggle with Porn

Our CV Latin America team created this video for yesHEis, in conjunction with Celebrate Recovery. Celebrate Recovery is a Christ-centered, 12 step recovery programme that helps people to address and overcome addictions and compulsive behaviours and to heal from trauma. The video is narrated by a pastor who candidly shares his personal struggle with pornography and […]

Hallowed be thy name

I have been focussed on saying the Lord’s Prayer recently but keep getting stuck on the word ‘hallowed’. The word means ‘made holy, consecrated, greatly revered and honoured. Also, to purify, sanctify and honour’.  We reverence his majesty; we don’t use his name in vain and we consider it precious and holy. We say words […]