The Darkness

Have you ever been in total darkness? It’s really disconcerting. I was once on the bridge of a boat that was travelling through the night. There were only a few dimly lit lights and I found it very unsettling to be in the middle of a vast ocean and not knowing what was out there […]

Sharing Jesus Intentionally

The article ‘Share Jesus Intentionally’ was recently posted on the Medium website by a yesHEis user. It’s is a reminder of the importance of sharing the Gospel and spreading the message of Jesus.  The article recounts the story of Victor from Bali who received a reminder on his phone that he hadn’t shared anything from […]

Broadcast Mexico

The Alliance of Christian Communicators (ACC) is a non-profit organisation dedicated to media training for Mexico’s Christian communicators. For over sixteen years, the alliance has united and mentored members of Mexico’s Christian communication industry.  Due to the common goals of ACC and CVCLAVOZ, the two have partnered in a strategic alliance to champion and advance […]

Hope in Venezuela

The challenges and unrest in Venezuela continue, but we continue to see God’s work and miracles everyday. In September alone, we opened three new churches in Venezuela. Hallelujah! The construction of these churches in this time of crisis has given people hope and reminded us that God is always with us. In October we will […]

Digital Evangelism Training

Our CV team in the Philippines conducted a digital evangelism training session at a recent Haggai NextGen Leaders Training event.  The training was held in the Asian Theological Seminary and was attended by 15 youth and ministry leaders from four churches in Manila. During the session, participants were introduced to the yesHEis app and shown […]

Redemption and Recovery

Emel from Colombia contacted our yesHEis team in Latin America expressing his desire to get closer to God. He also shared with them that he was struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. Our team responded with messages of help and hope and asked Emel if he attended church. He said that he occasionally went to the […]