Finding Worth in God

Did you know that over 12 thousand people a month type “self worth” into the Google search bar? In our society’s quest for perfection and worthiness, it’s no wonder that so many of us question God and ask why he didn’t make us cuter, smarter, happier, richer, taller…. Born with a large cancerous birthmark, Lindsey […]

Who is Jesus For You?

Lou Torres, one of our featured writers for CVCLAVOZ, wrote this moving blog about an impactful encounter that she had with a young girl whilst working as a translator. Her blog reminds us of God’s greatness and love, and reminds us to examine who Jesus is to us. This blog has been translated from Spanish. […]

Discipleship Online

Isa, a Muslim man who had come to accept Jesus as his saviour, contacted our CV Middle East team via SAWT Online. Isa expressed his desire to join a church or a discipleship group, so that he could be a more effective Christian and better know Jesus. To protect his privacy and security, our team […]

From Toxic Relationship to Connection

Allison contacted our CV Australia Team via the yesHEis app, as she was struggling with a toxic relationship and wanted advice. One of our response team members, Kristian, spent time online with Allison to help her work through the issues in her problematic relationship. Through this process, it became clear that Allison had become disconnected […]

Global Impact

CVCLAVOZ is the largest multi-platform content provider in the Christian Hispanic world, servicing over 575 radio stations in 25 countries globally. CVCLAVOZ’s impact is far reaching and is helping to achieve our vision of touching one billion lives for Christ. Joseph from an affiliate radio station in Spain recently sent our CVCLAVOZ team in Latin […]

Impact Ethiopia

We are so blessed that God has opened doors to allow the CV Africa team to spread the message of Jesus across our amazing continent.  In a recent trip to Ethiopia our Africa Content Manager, Falonee, built a partnership with a local Ethiopian production team that will allow us to capture the stories of God’s […]

More people Introduced to Jesus

Our North America team has been working hard to introduce more people to Jesus. To this end, the content team has been focussed on creating content around certain keywords that have been identified as the most influential in increasing the reach and impact of our content.  The team has also recently filmed 18 videos for […]

Power in Weakness

Recently, Pastor Elienae, leader of our National Pioneer Initiative churches that were planted in East Timor, shared with us a testimony about God’s power over evil spirits: One of our East Timorese pastors is Clementino, a devout man who spreads the message of Jesus despite suffering from a severe case of Hepatitis B. Recently, Pastor […]

The Heart

During an average life of 70 years, the heart will beat 2.6 billion times. What an amazing organ! If it misses just a few of those beats, then your life is over. When the Bible refers to the heart, it is not just talking about a pump or an organ. It is referring to the […]

Quest for the Elusive Viral Gospel Video

Dan Price is CV’s Content Manager for yesHEis. Over the years that he and the global content teams have worked at creating online video content for evangelism, they have discovered a few of the things that work well…and some that don’t! He shares four of his key findings here. At CV, we create, track and […]