App Reminders Lead to Salvation

A yesHEis App user in Australia had not been active in the App for some time. This period of inactivity triggered an automated in-App notification, in line with our new yesHEis notification strategy. The notification reminded the App user about yesHEis, and empowered them to share their faith with a friend. As a result, they […]

Hope in Tragedy

One day a man came to a tent that belonged to the ministry of the NPI pioneers in Eastern Ukraine. He asked if they baptise children, according to the Orthodox tradition. The man had heard about Jesus when he was in jail and he had already asked Jesus for forgiveness. Following this first visit to […]

Peace for a Troubled Family

CV Outreach connects online explorers, many of whom are struggling or searching for answers, to local churches. This is just one story of a troubled family transformed after being connected to a CV Outreach church partner: Having arrived at a CV Outreach landing page about marriage in early December 2018, a young woman reached out […]

Desperate Man Finds Hope: India

Sanchit* is desperate for God’s intervention. He has suffered a severe loss in his entrepreneurial business. To add to his concern, his two-year-old son is unable to speak or stand. He was devastated and planned to run away from his home and family. Sanchit contacted us through Nayi Manzil, one of the India team’s digital […]

Radio Listener Finds Peace in Jesus

Camila*, a listener of CVCLAVOZ, wrote to us saying that she felt desperate because she could not find a way out of the problems she was facing in every area of her life. She listened to a CVCLAVOZ radio program and contacted Ruth from our response team. After hearing Camila’s story, Ruth encouraged her to […]

CVCLAVOZ Equips Communicators

The CVCLAVOZ Workshop for Communicators took place in Bogota, Colombia on March 29th and 30th, and included over 50 communicators from the city and other regions. Ten years ago in Bogota, CVCLAVOZ started these conferences that offer training to professionals, technicians, students and people interested in new communication skills. This year, the CVCLAVOZ team gave […]

Hope in the Night: Africa

Have you ever struggled to fall asleep at night? Have you ever caught yourself scrolling through social media sites searching for answers to the problems that keep you awake? One of the most powerful aspects of digital media is the ability to target specific groups of people in specific circumstances with tailored pieces of evangelistic […]