God’s Word Heals Anxiety: Impact Myanmar

Shindy* grew up in a Christian family, but never really engaged in the faith of her upbringing. She didn’t attend church or read the Bible and also didn’t pray. No one made an effort to share the Gospel with her for 16 years. One day she got anxious about what would happen to her after […]

God Watches Over Baby’s Heart Surgery: Africa

On CV Prayer we recognise that people all over the world experience struggle in many different areas of life; that’s why we take the time every Thursday to pray with and for people online. We believe that time spent in prayer is never wasted and are always grateful to receive testimonies of answers to prayer […]

God Plants Hope and Joy: Impact Venezuela

“We praise you, God, we praise you, for your Name is near; people tell of your wonderful deeds.” Psalm 75: 1 We finished the month of October very grateful to God for His wonders. Among the many blessings we received, one of our highlights was the visit of our brother Paul. Despite having had difficult […]

yesHEis App Leads to Hope After Emotional Trauma: New Zealand

Mason* was homeless and struggled with an alcohol addiction. After he experienced the death of a family member, his situation became even worse. Through a conversation in the yesHEis app, Mason could connect to us at CV New Zealand. Our conversation started off with Mason saying things like “It’s like I’m lost, disconnected, everything is […]

God Heals Years of Alcohol Addiction: Impact Eastern Ukraine

Alcohol addiction is when the first thought that comes to mind in the morning is, “Where can I get more ‘fuel’?” When one day is hardly different from the next and it’s even hard to tell whether it’s night or day at all. When you look much older than you are and hope to find […]

Woman Freed from Fear of Hereditary Curse: Armenia

A woman from Armenia contacted us seven months ago. She feared that her family suffered from a hereditary curse because every March, since 2008, she had something strange and unfortunate happen to her. The woman told us that her parents had both died before they turned 59 and asked for prayer to be set free […]

God Frees Young Mother from Suicidal Thoughts and Drug Addiction: Ukraine

In March 2018, in the middle of the night, our online volunteers received a message. A young woman was begging for help saying: “I have a drug addiction. I have two little daughters, who will most probably be taken from me. I have no place to live, no work and I don’t want to live […]

Salvation Transforms Young Suicidal Girl’s Life: Russia

Anna* wrote to us: “May I speak my mind what I think about my life here?” The following message was very touching: “I am hated by my classmates. I am betrayed by my friends. I am tired to live a lie, please, help. I am on the edge. I want to die. But I know […]

From Seeker to New Believer: North America

A woman had been looking for meaning in life, fulfilment and happiness. She tried out various religions hoping to find something that would make her feel whole. While researching on Google one day, the woman found a CV Outreach video talking about happiness. After watching the video she clicked “connect now” and got in touch […]

Prayer Heals Malaria: Impact Myanmar

Maya* recently moved to the area that NPI pioneer Philip lives in. After getting to know each other, Philip started to come over to Maya’s house to have fellowship with her. He shared the gospel with Maya, but the women never seemed to come to know Christ, despite hearing the good news. One day, Maya […]