Salvation Transforms Young Suicidal Girl’s Life: Russia

Anna* wrote to us: “May I speak my mind what I think about my life here?” The following message was very touching: “I am hated by my classmates. I am betrayed by my friends. I am tired to live a lie, please, help. I am on the edge. I want to die. But I know […]

From Seeker to New Believer: North America

A woman had been looking for meaning in life, fulfilment and happiness. She tried out various religions hoping to find something that would make her feel whole. While researching on Google one day, the woman found a CV Outreach video talking about happiness. After watching the video she clicked “connect now” and got in touch […]

Prayer Heals Malaria: Impact Myanmar

Maya* recently moved to the area that NPI pioneer Philip lives in. After getting to know each other, Philip started to come over to Maya’s house to have fellowship with her. He shared the gospel with Maya, but the women never seemed to come to know Christ, despite hearing the good news. One day, Maya […]

Encounters With Jesus: Middle East

An Iraqi man had Jesus coming to him in his dream. The man messaged the yesHEis team to find out more about this person he encountered because he didn’t know who Jesus was and had a lot of questions. Our team responded and were able to help clear some of his confusion. In the following […]

Personal Testimony Helps to Fight Nicotine Addiction: Ukraine

Nastya* wrote to us about her nicotine addiction two months ago. She wanted to quit smoking badly, but never had the self-control to go longer than a few hours without a cigarette. In her email to us, she wrote: “I am beginning to stop believing in my strength and I need help.” One of our […]

CVCLAVOZ Celebrates 20 Years: Latin America

When Christian Vision started the Voz Christiana Project, the goal was to proclaim the message of salvation through Jesus using the radio, because it could overcome distance barriers. Since 1998, when Voz Cristiana was officially inaugurated, each of our achievements came hand in hand with new challenges we had to face. Many feared that the […]

Personal Relationship with God Heals Depression: China

A young kindergarten teacher had to resign from her job due to severe depression. Even after being prescribed medication, the girl remained in a terrible mental state. Her mother was very troubled by this and committed suicide, which severely traumatised the girl. The girl’s parents had separated when she was younger and she found it […]

CV Joins Christian Resource Exhibition: United Kingdom

Christian Vision UK was part of Europe’s leading annual exhibition of church-orientated resources, products and suppliers, Christian Resource Exhibition (CRE). CRE is a three-day-event with 200 exhibitors displaying an extensive range of books, music and other resources to buy, the latest multimedia equipment and expert advice on everything from heating to sound systems. CRE provides […]

Nurturing a New Faith: North America

Emily* was a Hindu looking for prayers for her three-year-old son, Micheal*. Michael has a speech impediment and his mother felt like something was holding him back from speaking and communicating. When Emily searched for prayers on Google, she found a landing page hosted by CV Outreach. Through this page, she was able to submit […]

Bot Leads girl to Renew her Walk with Jesus: New Zealand

Isla* attended a Latter-Day Saints church with her family, but simply attending didn’t satisfy her curiosity. She wanted to know more about the bible and specifically about Jesus’ death on the cross. Isla contacted the CV New Zealand team and we got to help her to better understand her faith. When we invited Isla to […]