Model School Serves the Community: Impact East Timor

As part of the East Timor NPI that seeks to build indigenous, self-sustaining churches, we established a children’s school. The school is an opportunity for the church to connect with and impact the community, and it has been endorsed by the East Timorese government as being a model for best practice in early childhood education. […]

Government Partnership: Indonesia

YesHEis Indonesia has been invited by The Minister of Communications and Information to work together, with the Indonesian government, to equip the Christian church for online ministry.

Google Leads to Church: North America

One man, desperate to save his marriage, was connected to Saddleback Church through CV Outreach. The man googled in search of support, and found a CV Outreach ad that led him here: He sent the following email to Saddleback: “I am not a member of your church, but I’m desperate for help. Unfortunately, in […]

Training Internet Missionaries: Middle East

A large group of youth are being empowered to share the Gospel online in the Middle East. 65 teen and young adult students from across Egypt have gathered to learn how to tell people about Jesus at our Internet Missionary School. The school teaches Middle Eastern youth the basics of Christian apologetics. Many of these […]

Celebrating 100,000 Subscribers: Latin America

YesHEis was born with the purpose of encouraging people to share Jesus online by sharing short videos that invite others to start a conversation about Jesus. Each video is designed in a way that covers a specific need and gives answers to doubts or problems in today’s society. We publish weekly material which shows everyone […]

Thousands Introduced to Jesus: Impact Madagascar

Thousands of people are being introduced to Jesus on the island of Madagascar, through the National Pioneer’s Initiative (NPI)! With 24 local missionaries working across the arid south-west of the island, we have seen tens of thousands of people in some of the most remote places introduced to Jesus.
Recently, we were able to train and release another 15 individuals. This new group of pioneers enables us to reach the unreached, by extending our activities to the far south of the island into an area that hasn’t previously been well covered by missionary activity.

Healed by Jesus: Myanmar

Mrs Lin* is an unbeliever who has a lot of difficulties in her life and in her family as well. Being uneducated, she earns her family’s survival by washing clothes and serving other households in whatever they need. She wanted her children to be educated (one of her daughters has a matriculation exam this year) […]

Salvations and Miracles in the Midst of Crisis: Impact Venezuela

“If my people, who are called by my name, humble themselves and pray and seek me and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, forgive their sins, and heal their land.” 2 Chronicles 7:14 We rejoice at all times with the promises of God and His grace poured out on our […]

Miracles Through Radio: Latin America

There is no limit to the miraculous power of prayer. God even moves through prayers offered online and over the radio! Julia* and Mari* are two people who recently received miraculous relief after listening to the “Promises of God” radio program with Donizetti Barrios, which is part of CVCLAVOZ.
Julia from Argentina had been diagnosed with breast cancer. When Donizetti, the presenter, prayed for all the people who needed a miracle, Julia prayed in agreement. She then checked her prognosis with the doctor and wrote that she is now completely healed of breast cancer for the glory of God!

A Life Made Whole: Philippines

God is able to powerfully redeem lives that have been broken, and bring relief from suffering. Reyna* was jailed in Singapore because of her own doing, and she really experienced a lot of suffering. She found out about Jesus from a pastor who came to the prison to share the Gospel. That encounter led her […]