Men’s Faith Renewed Through Video: UK

We recently had the privilege of taking part in a men’s conference, EXCEL, hosted by Life Church. We saw at the conference how media can be effectively used to reach people for Christ and bring healing and faith. During the conference, our new yesHEis video, In Rough Waters, was featured. The video is a moving […]

Mentoring Transforms a Young Life: One Hope Ukraine

Ivan* was abandoned by his mother when he was 9 months old. She was an immigrant in Turkey, trying to shape her own destiny. She was heavy laden and so she sent her son to his grandma who was already taking care of Ivan’s older brother. Ivan didn’t see his mum for 12 years and […]

Shy People Can Share Jesus Too: France

Camille* is a shy girl who never thought that she could tell people about Jesus. Recently, she took a test to help find out her spiritual gifts, and she learnt that the gift of evangelism is at the top of her list! She couldn’t believe it. Thankfully, Camille read one of the articles from CV […]

No Longer Lonely and Addicted to Drugs: Australia

Jonathan* was trapped in a dark and lonely place. He was addicted to drugs and sex, and felt depressed and suicidal. In the midst of his pain, Jonathan reached out to CV through the Jesus Bot on Facebook. Here, he asked to know more about Jesus, and what Jesus could do for him. Over a […]