Digital Evangelism Meets On-The-Ground Ministry: Southeast Asia

Su Le Mon* is a Buddhist lady who found our video and contacted us through the Friend of God Facebook page. Our team lead her in a conversation and we were able to connect her with an NPI pioneer who lives nearby. The pioneer has since shared with us that Su Le Mon now knows […]

Strength To Fight Addiction: Ukraine

Danil* was battling a nicotine addiction. He wrote to tell us that he had managed to defeat his desires for a short period, but soon they again took over him. He felt that he lacked the power to finally defeat his bad habit. Our online volunteer told Danil how Jesus helps him when he lacks […]

Rescued From Depression: Russia

Irina’s* first words to us were a short but painfully clear message: “Help me.” In the course of correspondence with our online volunteer, she shared that she wanted to finish her life because circumstances had turned against her. Volunteer Olya told Irina about God and about the value of life, which is a gift from […]

Hope for Abandoned Children: One Hope Ukraine

In Ukraine, there are kids who have been living at the children’s hospital for up to 5 years. Abandoned by their parents and relatives for different reasons, they have continued to receive medical care but are lonely and unwanted. An eyewitness to this extremely sad situation, a One Hope mentor, Maria, came to our project […]

Young Marriages Strengthened: China

Young adults in China are under big pressure to get married. At the same time, the divorce rate in 2018 reached 39%, showing that many people have wrong values and beliefs about marriage and romantic relationships. Knowing this, we turned our attention to the young Christians who follow yesHEis WeChat, and found that 90% of […]

A Path To Freedom: Impact Eastern Ukraine

Irena* had what seemed like a perfect life: marriage, birth of a son, good quiet family life, work, financial stability. What more would you need for happiness? At some point, something went wrong. She began to have conflict at home with her husband. Difficult situations lead to a loss of peace. This was followed by […]

Seeds of Salvation: 1Africa

The 1Africa platform hosts thousands of blog articles covering a wide range of topics that explore issues of culture, faith and lifestyle in Africa. As we constantly sow ‘digital seeds ‘ of salvation through online blogs, it’s wonderful to receive daily interactions from explorers who hear the calling and reassurances of God. Earlier this month, […]

Lives Made Whole: Indonesia

Simon* is a yesHEis app user who also engages actively with @yesheisindo Instagram, where we encourage people to share their faith every day. In an effort to reach his friends for Jesus using social media, Simon shared a video from yesHEis about masturbation. He acknowledged that it is a sensitive matter, but shared the video […]

Learning to Share Their Faith Online: yesHEis Africa

In the past few weeks, over 319 people have contacted the Africa team through the yesHEis app. One app user on his birthday discovered the greatest gift he could receive was learning how to share his faith online. David*, a bible school student, has been learning how to grow in his relationship with God and […]

Peace and Hope Restored: Australia

One man has found restored hope and peace, after an in-app conversation with our yesHEis team. He initially wrote to us saying: “I have lost all hope… Have lost my wife to another man… And I felt God wasn’t on my side.” We were able to tell the man about the hope found in Jesus […]