Inspiring Christians to Live on Mission: China

Wendy, a Christian lady who shares the Gospel with children suffering from leukemia, was recently featured on our Portrait II yesHEis campaign. With approximately 4 million leukemia patients in China, half of whom are children, this is a vital ministry. Wendy’s Portrait tells her personal story of extraordinary difficulty and grace. During a serious surgery […]

A Friend for Hard Times: One Hope Ukraine

Anna* is a graduate from an orphanage and was left alone with her life’s problems, struggling to deal with the trauma of her past. She suffers from loneliness with no family, caregiver or friends to show her direction. She has many material needs for housing, food, clothes and work. Because of her situation and background, […]

Desperate Hearts Reach for God: UK

One of the common misconceptions we battle here in the UK is that British people are no longer interested in, or are cynical about, the Christian faith. However, some of the recent responses that our CV Outreach partner churches are processing paint a picture of a people who are desperately searching for a God who […]

Search For Food Leads to God: Impact Eastern Ukraine

Here is a beautiful story of a life transformed through the National Pioneer’s Initiative in Eastern Ukraine: My name is Yana* and I’m 48 years old. I live in the city of Konstantinovka. I am married and have a daughter who is 11 years old. My life was not easy before I became a Christian. […]