Restoration Through Partnership: North America

Brad* and his wife have been separated up to 5 times over the past couple of years, and have a three month old son. Brad suffers from combat-induced PTSD as a result of his courageous service in the US military. When he connected with CV Outreach, Brad was living apart from his wife, and they […]

Restoring Relationships: Middle East

Middle Eastern young people, especially youth in Cairo, have big problems in their relationships. Most of the people who communicate with us between the ages of 18 to 25 are facing broken hearts and shattered relationships with God. To address this problem, we began a new theme about relationships on the Sharek Online platform. We […]

What If?

I ‘ve heard a book has been written that asks the question, ‘What if Jesus never came? ‘ I have not read the book, so this is not plagiarism, but the question intrigued me. As I write this, I ask the question: What if Jesus hadn’t come? There would be numerous consequences: We wouldn’t know […]

CV Outreach Launches in Kenya: Africa

For a long time, we have prayed for an open door for sustained online evangelism into Kenya. This month, God opened that door for us through the CV Outreach program. Kenya has a reputation as the African country with a particularly vibrant church community and a heart for evangelism. Praise God that, through the CV […]

A Tense but Blessed Month of May: Impact Venezuela

“The Lord is good, a refuge in times of trouble. He cares for those who trust in him.” Nahum 1: 7 May was a tense month in Venezuela, mainly because of the presidential elections. Maduro’s “suspicious” victory provoked not only a strong revolt from the majority of the population but also from many critics from […]

CVCLAVOZ Miracle of Healing: Latin America

Many prayer requests come in during our Facebook live broadcasts for CVCLAVOZ’s Oramos por tí (We Pray for You). One such request came from a man by the name of JosE. JosE was watching our broadcast and asked us if we could pray for his nephew, who had recently been diagnosed with leukemia. He asked […]

God Over Witch Doctors: Impact East Timor

Even though our Impact a Nation project in East Timor has ended, our legacy lives on through our East Timorese successors. A 15-year-old girl was freed from the oppression of an evil spirit through prayer. Her parents, though not Christians, didn’t stop her from going to church until this month when the girl was forced […]

God Takes the Stage at Royal Wedding: UK

Here in the UK, May was all about a Royal Wedding! The world was watching as about 2 billion people tuned in. Excited as we were for the wedding, what really thrilled us was the Gospel message that Bishop Michael Curry shared with the world. It was so impactful that everyone was talking about it […]

Young Person Set Free: China

Jun* is a young adult who developed an avoidant personality when she was in high school. Life has long been tiresome to her, and connection with people and society makes her feel distressed. After graduating from college, she stayed at home all the time, not willing to find a job in the outside world. In […]

Healed from Poison: CV Prayer

While we often pray with and for others on our CV Prayer platform, it is particularly encouraging when we receive testimonies of how God has answered these prayers in real and powerful ways. Please pray for the many people who reach out to us through CV Prayer. Pray that God will not only answer prayers […]