Largest Ever Christian Gathering : Pakistan

I recently had the opportunity to witness one of the largest ever Christian gatherings ever in Pakistan this month. After an invitation by Pastor Imran Fazal, who I had met at a conference in Nepal, I found myself in Lahore, Pakistan. I was more than keen to make my way to this part of the […]

Going Out with Love : China

“Many years ago the missionaries came to China with love, now you go out with love ” a profound comment by a lady in response to our China team visiting churches in other nations. Seeing and hearing about the work that CV China are doing through yesHEis is encouraging believers to reach out and get […]

Hindi Launched on yesHEis : India

CV India officially launched Hindi on the yesHEis app on 24 May 2017, and there are three more such soft launches planned in different parts of the country. This is a huge stepping stone for the team and their vision of touching a billion people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Close to 90 church […]

Jesus Heals Demon-Possessed Man : Sri Lanka


This awesome story from Sri Lanka this month is eerily similar to the story of the Legion of the Gerasenes in Mark 5: “They went across the lake to the region of the Gerasenes. 2 When Jesus got out of the boat, a man with an impure spirit came from the tombs to meet him. […]

Meeting Their Needs : Venezuela

“It is good to give thanks to the Lord and to sing praises to Your name, Most High, to proclaim your mercy in the morning, and in the nights your faithfulness” [Ps 92:1,2] Venezuela, amidst an ever deeper economic and social crisis with much unrest since the protests, is finding strength and protection in God’s […]

Rawa Project Opens Hearts : Middle East

Our new project is impacting young people and helping them address their feelings and issues of the heart while learning how to express them in a healthy and confident manner. “Rawa”, which literally means ‘to narrate ‘, is a series of videos tailor-made for youth groups about specific topics. Each video expresses a feeling from […]

Connecting the Unbeliever : North America

This past month was exciting for our North America team as we grew to over 300 church partnerships across our CV Outreach and Social Partners programs. While these numbers are exciting, what has been really encouraging is seeing the questions that people have been able to ask pastors through the Gospel landing pages and to […]

Restoring Hope : NPI Eastern Ukraine

NPI Eastern Ukraine have a happy story of how the church can be an encouragement and make a difference. The church is on this earth to reflect the nature of Christ as well as all it is He has to offer for those who believe. The role of the church is to be a safe […]

CV Outreach Vision Casting : Africa

This month, our office hosted the CV North America team in order to start rolling out the CV Outreach initiative across the continent. This initiative involves partnering with Kingdom-Minded churches from across the nation in order to present the Gospel to people who are searching for answers. In today’s online world, many people search Google […]

yesHEis Video adds Kingdom Souls: Armenia

Our yesHEis featured video with Artur Simonyan is adding souls to the Kingdom in Armenia. A team member this month has had the opportunity to connect with four Armenian ladies who were impacted by the video. The women responded in writing after seeing the video and reached out in repentance seeking Jesus for salvation. When […]