Searching For Jesus : North America

We have been receiving many responses through CV Outreach, and the pastors of our church partners have been responding to these people. It’s been such a great testimony seeing people connect online directly through to a pastor that can listen and support them in prayer. One of the pastors had some really great feedback on […]

Billy Graham Crusade in Mexico: Latin America

This past month, we were able to partner with the Billy Graham Association to cover Will Graham’s first evangelistic crusade in Latin America which took place in Pachuca, Mexico. Approximately 300 churches came together to make this 3-day event possible. In total 1,400 people made decisions to follow Jesus! Strategically this was a great opportunity […]

Dealing With Depression & Suicide : Middle East


“I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full” (John 10:10) Our team in the Middle East have been focusing on the true meaning of life throughout March and April. With death surrounding our countries and news of destruction everywhere, people have started to feel that their lives don’t matter […]

A Testimony of Transformation : UK

Some time ago, Paul and Carol got in touch with us through a landing page, wanting to know more about faith and asking for help to find local Christians. The couple lived locally and we were able to connect them with Christians that lived right around the corner, who also happened to be family members […]

Choosing Faith : One Hope

We have been working with a young lady on a presentation for One Hope’s mentoring project. Recently, after a business meeting at our office, she requested a personal meeting with our project manager about an unspecified issue. When she met up with our manager at a coffee shop she shared that her heart was burdened […]

yesHEis Revives Hope : Armenia

We love that we have the opportunity to connect with people who have been impacted by the message of Jesus in yesHEis videos. A 33-year-old lady in Armenia reached out to us last month, explaining that she had been in a deep depression for the past year after her father’s death. After watching a yesHEis […]

Jesus is Alive : Korea


We ran an Easter campaign in Korea last month with the video, ‘Jesus is Alive’. This campaign video has reached more than 154k people since it went live, with 67k views and 1,048 shares. Upon closer investigation of our audience, we have found that our sharers come from a variety of different Christian groups within […]

7 Days With Jesus Campaign : China

Our CV China Easter campaign was our April highlight. The campaign “Exciting 7 Days With Jesus” aimed to help people find the true meaning of Easter. The videos we created were entirely focused on Jesus, sharing what he taught when he walked this earth 2000 years ago, and prompting viewers to think about how we […]

An Excited WhatsApp Sharer : Brazil

We are glad to say that everything is moving along with our new office for CV Brazil as we establish our home here in Guarulhos, Sao Paulo. We will be up and running in the new building in just a few weeks. Although it has been a challenge, God has been helping and guiding us […]

Interactions in April : India

Last month our team had some encouraging conversations with people that are seeking God. Here are a few of our favourites: Anik* saw our video about overcoming demonic oppression and expressed to us that he also had this kind of oppression. After conversing with him for sometime, we connected him to a church counsellor and […]