20,000 People Hear the Gospel in Madagascar : Impact Africa

This was a significant month for our National Pioneers Initiative (NPI) on the island of Madagascar. At the end of February, CV commissioned 24 local pioneers in the south-west of the country, sending them into communities and villages that are home to a number of unreached people groups. This is part of the Impact Africa strategy to empower and release indigenous pioneers to build self-sustaining churches within their own nations.

June presented an opportunity to visit many of our pioneers in the field for a first-hand experience of what God is doing on the island. And what a joy it was!

We were privileged to join a couple of the pioneers as they baptised 77 people in one location. On the same day, 20 others were baptised a couple of miles away, while baptism services were also being planned in surrounding areas. To date, 140 people have been baptised!

Since the commissioning of these pioneers in February, more than 70 new fellowship locations (churches, home churches, and similar meeting groups) have been established, and the Gospel has been shared with over 20,000 people!

There is no doubt: the Holy Spirit is at work on the island of Madagascar, calling many to faith in Christ.


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